The new bakery location for Hubig’s Pies was just approved by N.O. City Council! Are you ready to bite into one?


The new bakery location for Hubig’s Pies was just approved by N.O. City Council! Are you ready to bite into one?

"You Can Be Loved" is from Orenda Fink’s forthcoming album Blue Dream. Out 8/19!!
I am always intrigued by whatever Orenda is up to - whether it be her solo stuff or Azure Ray.

This was the band that opened up for Crosses at the Observatory a few months ago. We definitely dug this!

Nine Inch Nails - The Axis in Las Vegas, NV 7/19/14

Current NIN show stats:
Total shows: 28
Total shows this year thus far: 5
Total shows to go: 3

I did not miss my chance to see the opening show of this year’s North American NIN tour (even if it did mean I missed TOTC this year.) A super tight set list, impressions/comments after…

Nine Inch Nails
The Axis
Las Vegas, NV

Copy of A
March of the Pigs
Terrible Lie
Gave Up
Me, I’m Not
Find My Way
The Great Destroyer
The Hand That Feeds
Head Like A Hole


Even though the previous night NIN played at Pemberton Fest, this was truly the first night of the NIN/Soundgarden summer tour and this being my fifth NIN show this year, I could tell. But everyone around me was just taking it all in - I got the vibe that this (older) crowd hadn’t seen last year’s tour. There were definitely some technical issues, and TR was quick to point that out. He also noted that this would be the last tour for a long time. I figured that would be coming - two years of heavy touring and now it’s time for a lull. Maybe some new HTDA? One can only hope.

In any case, this set list was shorter than normal and no surprises whatsoever. Not a bad thing, I feel like this lineup is really the best one ever and enjoy every moment of watching them perform. The visuals were definitely a mix of things we’ve seen in the last few tours and I know once the kinks get worked out, we’ll see a few more songs on the set lists. For now, I have three more shows to look forward to next month.

I’m ready for more Jenny Lewis. The title track off of her forthcoming LP, The Voyager.
Purchase the song here:
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2014 Mid-Year Travel Stats

It’s already July! So I am a little late on posting my mid-year travel stats:

Trips: 17
Days: 88
Distance: 62,183 mi
Cities: 36
Countries: 4

Lots more to come…I have an awesome run this month and I still have another trip to Hawaii. Yes, twice in one year!!!

VMFA (Virginia Museum of Fine Arts) in Richmond, VA: the museum is open until 9 on Thursday and Friday, so I didn’t pass up my chance to check it out.

First set of photos: Chihuly - Red Reeds, Stained glass window designed by Georges de Feure and made by Hans Muller-Hickler, Ryan McGinness - Art History is not Linear, Lichtenstein sculpture (which I didn’t get the title of - sorry)

Second set of photos: detail of a panel for McGinness - Art History in not Linear, Cy Twombly - Synopsis of a Battle, Mark Rothko - Untitled, John Singer Sargent - Mrs. Albert Vickers, Edgar Degas -Little Dancer at 15, Tiffany stained glass lamps, Odilon Redon - Vase of Flowers, Andy Warhol - Marilyn Monroe, Georgia O’Keefe - White Iris

The collection here was surprisingly good - I loved the galleries dedicated to art deco and art nouveau - the Tiffany lamps and stained glass windows in particular. The collection is also strong in the modern and contemporary arts. My faves were definitely the Degas sculpture (which I have photo’d before from the National Gallery of Art) and the Ryan McGinness panels.

The panels were commissioned for the entrance of the museum’s new wing. In the end, only 16 were needed, so the other four are on display within the museum. I loved these - and especially the title.

Scenes from Richmond, VA - the capital of Virginia is full of historic sites and architecture.

I walked Capitol Square to find the Old City Hall, the Bell Tower, a George Washington monument, the great seal of Virginia and of course, the capitol building.

The second photo is from the Jefferson Hotel - a grand dame of historic hotels that transports you back in time.